How Meditation Can Improve Your Pilates Practice

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Pilates practice is a great way to be mindful as it is essential to be thinking about your body and your breathing as you work through the movements, therefore allowing the brain to switch off from it's worries and pressures for that time.

Meditation aligns closely with Pilates because it requires concentration, focus and attention to breath, and allows you to be present and still. In a way Pilates is a type of meditation just without actually sitting still! If we can practice some meditation, even for just a few minutes every day, we can train ourselves to connect with our breathing. Many people practice their Pilates without ever really connecting with the breathing and the body, and therefore are not getting the most out of their practice. If we can train ourselves to boost that connection and really be engaged in our Pilates practice, we have a much greater chance of reducing stress levels, releasing tense muscles and improving our overall mental health. And in this hectic world we now live in, it is so important that we have ways to manage our stress and be present.

There's lots of great apps or online videos out there that can guide you through a bit of meditation, because I know how awkward it can feel when you first explore the meditation world so don't be afraid of that. Just grab a comfy chair and give it a try!

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